Health through Sustainability: August 2020 Virtual Meeting Recap

The August monthly series topic focused on the many layers of health through the lens of sustainability. Our Outreach and Education Liaison Philena Seldon led the discussion with an inter-generational panel focusing on a multilayered perspective on what health and sustainability mean in the present day, during a pandemic and social unrest. If you've missed the discussion, you can watch the full recording below or on our Vimeo channel here.



Our three talented panelists included:

Indigo Bishop

Choice Neighborhood Administrator Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing

Authority (CMHA)

Kimberly Smith-Woodford

Commercial Utilities Sales Manager Cleveland Public Power

Kynnedy Smith

High School Senior and Youth Sustainability Leadership Program (YSLP) participant



Here are some takeaways from the panel discussion as well as some recommended resources by our panelists:


Indigo Bishop suggested running errands and carpooling with people you enjoy. It makes the journey fun, strengthens bonds, and allows people to experience comradery during these challenging times.

  • Buy groceries at local farmers markets through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to support healthy local food growers as well as have healthy local options for yourself.
  • Start your own composting - what gets composted provides nutrients for something else to grow. Learn more about composting here.


Kimberly Smith-Woodford mentioned getting out in nature. She encouraged Black people to join her and Journey on Yonder in the parks.  

  • Journey on Yonder helps to create resilience in green space and nature, supporting mental and physical wellness through hiking.
  • Black Environmental Leaders (BEL) stand as stewards of the natural and built environment through collaboration and partnership, to raise awareness and advocate for environmental and economic justice. 


Kynnedy Smith advised researching your local representatives to ensure that the people you vote for have sustainability as a priority. Keep those representatives accountable by writing them letters or calling to ask questions about their recent initiatives to make our city sustainable. We recently featured Kynnedy for International Youth Day - check out that interview here.


Thanks for joining us last month! Our September monthly meeting will focus on Energy Awareness - you can register to attend this virtual event here.


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