Summit 2023 Recap


Recap from the Sustainable Cleveland 2023 Decarbonization Summit

The City of Cleveland, Mayor's Office of Sustainability sends a big and humble thank you to all who joined us for the Decarbonizing Greater Cleveland: A Technical Design Summit on April 13th. Over 300 community members, business owners, and national and local sustainability leaders participated in this continuing effort to develop a thriving and resilient Cleveland region.


Since 2009 the Sustainable Cleveland has engaged thousands of people from all walks of life, working together to design and develop a thriving and resilient Cleveland region. Through our work, we have supported collaboration and action to make Cleveland a greener, cleaner place to live, work and play for all. From improved water and air quality to increases in bike infrastructure and clean energy, Cleveland has come a long way... but there is still much more work to be done.


Decarbonization is the steep reduction or avoidance of greenhouse gases (GHG) that cause climate change, specifically by addressing the need to transition energy systems away from fossil fuels.  At the Summit, we reviewed national decarbonization data models, scaled down to the Greater Cleveland region, and began the work of better aligning our climate action plan goals to the global  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) blueprint to achieve a more sustainable and equitable future for our region.  At the Sustainable Cleveland Decarbonization Summit, we celebrated the work of the many people and organizations that have gotten us this far, discussed recent key insights of decarbonization pathways, and determined how to build off this foundation for even greater progress and momentum moving forward.


Watch the Livestream Recording

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Public Convening – Decarbonizing Greater Cleveland |  8am – 12:00pm 
The Public Convening was live-streamed and broadcast to the local TV20 public channel.


During this public convening, we gathered with community members over breakfast to understand the how and why for reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 as a region.

Mayor Bibb, national and local leaders, and youth involved in climate change action, discussed the need for “decarbonization pathways” and how these will help use refine the goals of the Cleveland Climate Action Plan  through systematic and equitable transformations in energy, land-use, buildings, industry & circular manufacturing, transportation, and nature-based solutions. 


Technical Design Workshop  – Invite Only | 12:30pm – 4:00pm 
This portion of the event was invite only. 

  • Dive Deeper Public Track: Interactive “Decarb 101” workshop - learn the lingo and science of climate change by using the “Climate Fresk” Game to map out all aspects of climate change and its impacts. 

  • Technical Focus Area Tracks: Decarbonization technology experts and practitioners will build upon initial data modeling of regional decarbonization pathways by providing key insights and feedback in the areas of energy, land-use, buildings, industry & circular manufacturing, transportation, and nature-based solutions. 


We consider this Summit to be the kick-off for the scoping of a Greater Cleveland regional decarbonization framework that could connect numerous climate action planning efforts and collectively guide answers to the following questions: