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Every year leading up to 2019, Cleveland will focus on one of the key areas fundamental to a sustainable city. The Sustainable Cleveland Celebration Years are designed to be accessible to all members of the community — households, neighborhoods, businesses, and institutions can all participate, either in collaboration or independently. In 2018, we are celebrating the Year of Vital Neighborhoods! In 2018, we are celebrating the Year of Vital Neighborhoods! Click here to see photos of the kickoff event. 


Why Vital Neighborhoods?

Neighborhoods are the building blocks of a great urban area. They are the real places of daily life where people come together, to network, to build relationships, and where a sense of identity and history is created. There are many actions Clevelanders can take to help support their neighborhoods, including volunteering, learning about how you can take climate action, and getting to know your neighbors!


Learn More

Resilient Cleveland: The Cleveland Climate Resilience and Urban Opportunity Initiative includes a detailed assessment of the current and anticipated effects of climate change in the Midwest and identifies projects, programs, policies, engagement strategies, and future research to lessen overall energy demand, anticipate and prepare for climate changes and shocks, and foster social cohesion.

Cleveland Tree Plan: Launched in 2015 and adopted by the Cleveland Planning Commission in 2016, the Cleveland Tree Plan is a community-wide collaboration to rebuild the urban forest so that Northeast Ohio residents can experience the benefits of reforesting our city, generating greater resiliency, health, prosperity and overall quality of life.

Climate Action: The City of Cleveland has partnered with Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and ioby (in our back yards) to update the Cleveland Climate Action Plan, with a focus on equity and engagement. We will be hosting Use our Neighborhood Climate Action Toolkit to engage your community in sustainability. 

Do More

Get involved in the Year of Vital Neighborhoods at home, at work and in your community!


Sustainable Cleveland Summit: Save the date for the 10th annual Sustainable Cleveland Summit, to be held on September 19-20, 2018 at Cleveland Public Auditorium.

Neighborhood Workshops on Health, Community & Climate Action: Join the City of ClevelandCleveland Neighborhood Progress and ioby (in our back yards) for a series of workshops in 10 CLE Neighborhoods through April 2018! 

GardenWalk Cleveland: Save the Date for GardenWalk Cleveland, a self-guided tour of gardens, urban farms, vineyards and orchards in several Cleveland neighborhoods in July 2018 (Date TBA). Contact Cathi Lehn if interested in volunteering for GardenWalk.

Potluck in the Park: Get to know your neighbors by attending Vital Neighborhood Working Group’s annual Potluck in the Park event (Date TBA). This community-wide potluck moves to a different location each year to bring growers, producers, cooks and eaters together over a healthy meal to celebrate local food.

Common Ground:  Participate in Common Ground 2018On a single day, you can be a part of an exciting region-wide initiative to explore our community’s power to communicate and connect in order to build a stronger, safer and more dynamic home. 

Vital Neighborhoods: The Vital Neighborhoods Working Group strives to cultivate sustainable neighborhoods of choice where residents are engaged, empowered, enlightened, resilient and self-reliant.


Check out the Sustainable Cleveland events calendar for an updated list of neighborhood events.


If you are interested in volunteering at these or other Sustainable Cleveland events, please contact Cathi Lehn at



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