Vibrant Greenspace at Home

The diverse environmental, economic and social benefits of Cleveland’s green space underpin the sustainable development of the city. The expansion of parks and natural areas, community gardens, urban farms, green roofs, landscaped boulevards, bike paths, trails, schoolyards, recreational areas, and other public open green space in Cleveland can help to establish a broad swath of green space. Cleveland has the only national park in an urban setting in the United States and it is the sixth most visited national park in the country. Do your part at home and share your success story here!

  • Become a Tree Steward. Tree Steward training teaches Clevelanders the basics of tree care.
  • Plant a tree in your yard. The best opportunities for revitalizing our urban forest is on private property.
  • Maintain existing trees and other vegetation and reduce impervious surfaces on your property. This helps keep your neighborhood cool and green during high heat days.

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