City of Cleveland Rain Barrel Program

If you would like to be added to the waitlist and receive notifications for the upcoming 2023 Rain Barrel Program, please complete the online Rain Barrel Interest Form, for assistance you may contact us at [email protected] or call (216) 664-2455.  

Registrations will open first to those added to this list, however, please note that we cannot guarantee a spot or reserve a barrel for those waitlisted. This contact information will not be shared or used for any purpose other than to provide updates on the Rain Barrel Program.


In order to participate, you MUST:

  • Reside within the City of Cleveland ONLY. (Contact Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District for rain barrels outside the City of Cleveland) 
  • Complete rain barrel installation following the workshop by installing the downspout diverter and properly connecting the rain barrel.
  • Agree to all Terms and Conditions stated in the Eventbrite registration form. Please read them!


Sustainable Cleveland partners annually with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD), Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU), the City of Cleveland Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), Cleveland Water Pollution Control (WPC), and Cleveland Water to employ City of Cleveland high school students to assemble and distribute the rain barrel systems free of charge to Cleveland residents within the NEORSD and CWD service area. 


The 2021 Rain Barrel team put together a great video regarding stormwater, rain barrel maintenance, and more - check it out here: 

Rain barrel diverter installation presented by the 2021 SYEP Rain Barrel team




How can I obtain a rain barrel this year?

  • Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District is currently holding no-contact rain barrel pick-up events. If you'd like to be placed on a list for upcoming events, email Amy Roskilly [email protected] To learn more:
  • Check with local watershed organizations for rain barrel workshops.
  • Contact Rain Barrels N More in Avon at 440-822-0361. Multiple sizes and colors available. Call ahead for availability.
  • Call Garden Watersaver toll-free at 1-888-232-6414 or email [email protected]
    • 5504 State Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44134-2250
  • Many local hardware &/or large box stores now carry rain barrels and associated equipment.


Do I have to be a Cleveland resident?

Yes, this program is geared toward Cleveland residents only, particularly those within the Combined Sewer area. If you sign up for a workshop to receive a barrel and do NOT live in Cleveland, your registration will be removed. You will be notified within 24 hours of the workshop.

Outside Cleveland, please contact Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District at 216-524-6580 or email Amy Roskilly [email protected] 


What are the benefits of utilizing a rain barrel?

A rain barrel is a form of stormwater management that collects rainwater by diverting some of the water from your downspout into the barrel. The collected water can be used for various purposes, such as watering gardens/lawns or washing cars. Up to 40% of summer water use is for irrigation, so the use of rain barrels is an important contribution to water efficiency.

Link: NEORSD “What is Stormwater?” brochure


How many rain barrels can I get through the Office of Sustainability’s Rain Barrel Program?

Currently, the Program offers one rain barrel per Cleveland household per program year.


Rain barrels are a stormwater control measure that are eligible for the NEORSD Stormwater Fee Credit.

Click HERE for a summary of NEORSD’s Stormwater Management Program. If you have specific questions concerning the Stormwater Fee or Fee Credit, please contact NEORSD's Customer Service Department at 216-881-8247. 


What is the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s (NEORSD) Regional Stormwater Management Program?

The program addresses region-wide problems related to stormwater runoff from hard surfaces like sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and roofs. Runoff from these surfaces contributes to regional stream flooding, erosion, and water-quality issues such as beach closures due to combined sewer overflows.


Why am I being charged a fee for the NEORSD Stormwater Program?

We all have hard surfaces on our properties, such as driveways and roof tops, that cause heavier flows of water to the stormwater system, increasing demand on the system. This heavier runoff from all of our properties contributes to flooding, erosion, and water quality problems across the area. If you are contributing runoff from your property into the storm system, you are considered a user of the system and responsible for the program fee.

If you have any additional questions about the fee, please contact NEORSD at 216-881-8247 for more information.


What is the fee based on?

The stormwater fee is based on the amount of hard surfaces on your property, because runoff from these surfaces places a greater demand on the storm system. The fee is based on an Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU), which is equal to 3,000 sq. ft. of hard/impervious surface (roofs, driveways, etc.). There are three tiers residents can fall in:

  • Tier 1 (less than 2,000 sq. ft.)- $3.09/month
  • Tier 2 (2,000-4,000 sq. ft.)- $5.15/month
  • Tier 3 (4,000+ sq. ft.)- $9.27/month

If you have questions about how your stormwater fee was calculated or feel there is a discrepancy in the amount of impervious surface on your property, please contact NEORSD’s Customer Service department at 216-881-8247 for more information.

NEORSD Stormwater Fee Finder: 


Are there discounts/credits available on the stormwater fee?

Yes! Fee credits are available for residents that take measures to reduce stormwater volume or pollutants flowing from their properties. Stormwater control measures include rain gardens, permeable pavement and rain barrels or cisterns. Residents must apply for the credit.


How do I get credit on the fee?

NEORSD provides a printable PDF document titled “Individual Residential Property Credit” manual on their webpage that provides the following information:

  1. Summary of the Regional Stormwater Management Program;
  2. How the stormwater fee is calculated;
  3. Descriptions of the stormwater control measures and the criteria that must be met to qualify for the individual residential property credit;
  4. The stormwater fee credit application with instructions; and
  5. Contact information for local Soil and Water Conservation Districts or watershed groups.

If you do not have access to a computer, you can contact NEORSD at 216-881-8247 to request a credit manual and application be mailed to you.


*Updated 05/23/2023