Clean Water



Fresh water resources represent an invaluable local asset that has shaped Cleveland’s identity, both in the way that the city has perceived itself and how it has been recognized outside the region. While Cleveland’s location on Lake Erie – the 12th largest body of fresh water in the world – provides Cleveland with a distinct comparative advantage, the city’s reputation has also been blemished by the historic Cuyahoga River fire in 1969 that resulted from excessive levels of pollution caused by heavy manufacturing and industrial contamination.


Cleveland has the responsibility to protect the 128 trillion gallons of fresh water directly off its shores in order to maintain the city’s water supply and ensure that its residents will have clean and readily available water resources for generations to come, but it also has the opportunity to leverage this invaluable asset as a driver of sustainable economic growth and prosperity for the local economy.

We created 6 videos to highlight actions At Home, At Work and In Your Community to keep our water clean.