Climate Action




The Cleveland Climate Action Plan contains an overarching greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goal of 80% reduction below 2010 emissions by 2050, with interim goals of 16% reduction by 2020 and 40% reduction by 2030. The goals are designed to be bold yet achievable. Goals will be achieved through implementation of the 33 actions outlined in the plan, split into 6 focus areas.


The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability convened a 50-member Climate Action Advisory Committee with representatives of leading Cleveland organizations from the commercial, industrial, educational, government, and non-profit sectors to inform and create the Climate Action Plan.



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Do More In Your Neighborhood: 

Work in your community to take climate action using the Cleveland Neighborhood Climate Action Toolkit.

You can apply for funding for your neighborhood climate action ideas through the Cleveland Climate Action Fund.

Connect with the Climate Resilience and Urban Opportunity Initiative, especially if you work or live in the Detroit Shoreway, Glenville, Kinsman, or Slavic Village neighborhoods.

Get support and help fundraise for your neighborhood project with In Our Backyard (ioby) and Neighborhood Connections.