Waste Reduction & Composting: July 2020 Virtual Meeting Recap


For July's topic we focused on waste reduction and recycling. Sustainability Director, Kristin Hall, took a deep dive into our recycling challenges and provided updates on how residents can continue to rethink and reduce their waste. We also discussed ways you can stay engaged as Cleveland updates its curbside recycling program.


Cleveland Recycling- Stay Informed!

Connect with us! As the City of Cleveland works to evaluate and update our recycling program, it is important for us to keep residents informed and engaged throughout the process. Complete the brief contact form so we can keep you updated with program changes and opportunities to provide your input.


Resources mentioned in video:

Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District





Break Free From Plastic Act of 2020



Upcycle Parts Shop



Division of Waste Collection and Disposal - http://www.city.cleveland.oh.us/CityofCleveland/Home/Government/CityAgencies/ParksRecreationandProperties/Waste


Urban Drawdown Initiative



Cleveland Tree Coalition



Rust Belt Riders



Interested in the Plastic Reduction Working Group?

Contact Cathi Lehn at: [email protected]


Sign up for the Story of Plastic film screening here: https://storyofplastic_sustainablecleveland.eventbrite.com


Reusables are safe to use



ZeroWasteNEO Working Group – interested in joining the group, contact Cathi Lehn at: [email protected]



Scrap Metal Recycling blog post


Plastic Film Recycling - https://www.plasticfilmrecycling.org/

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