Volunteer opportunities with Sustainable Cleveland and partners

Together we are building a thriving green city on a blue lake and we need your help in reaching our goals as outlined in the Cleveland Climate Action Plan.  The emphasis here is on the word together and there are many ways you can get involved at home, at work or in your community




Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Contact Cathi Lehn ([email protected]) if you are interested in volunteering with Sustainable Cleveland or one of our partners.  
  • Read the Climate Action Plan and determine which actions you can participate in to help us reach our goals.
  • Sign up to receive the Sustainable Cleveland newsletter (contact Cathi Lehn ([email protected]) to sign up)
  • Attend our meetings for networking opportunities and to learn more about what's happening
  • Share your success stories!


Visit the Sustainable Cleveland website to learn more.


See below for additional opportunities:



ioby stands for in our backyard that is a crowd funding platform specifically for community based projects in the Greater Cleveland area.  Projects range from community gardens to biocyclers to the installation of solar panels.  Many of these projects are looking for volunteers.  Check them out here.


  • Zero or reduced waste event volunteers

Contact Cathi Lehn ([email protected]) for more information about these opportunities. 


  • Several event planning committees convene over the fall and winter months.  If you are interested in serving on a planning committee, please contact Cathi Lehn to learn more ([email protected]





If you want to learn more about opportunities with Sustainable Cleveland, please contact Cathi Lehn ([email protected]).

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