Vital Neighborhoods in the Community

Neighborhoods are the building blocks of a great urban area. They are the real places of daily life — places where people interact face to face, where transactions are made, and where a sense of identity and history is created. By fostering the development of a vibrant public realm for all to share neighborhoods can make affordable, low-consumption lifestyles more convenient and attractive. Learn how to build vital neighborhoods below and share your success story here!

  • Be Resilient. Keep and maintain an emergency supply kit in your home, have an emergency preparedness plan and check on vulnerable neighbors during high heat days or other emergencies.
  • Get to know your neighbors to build community cohesion. Learn how by joining the Neighbor Up Network.
  • Support the Cleveland Climate Action Fund or propose a neighborhood climate action project.
  • Join a block club and volunteer at an association in your neighborhood that improves quality of life
  • Learn how your neighborhood can take action with the Neighborhood Climate Action Toolkit.
  • Join the Vital Neighborhoods Working Group and support the cultivation of sustainable neighborhoods of choice. Please contact Cathi Lehn for more information at [email protected].

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