Energy Efficiency through Our Utility Companies

As Energy Efficiency Day approaches next month, we wanted to continue the conversation about energy efficiency in our homes. In our previous blog post, we shared several energy and utility assistance programs available to residents, namely, electric, natural gas, water and sewer assistance programs. We want to share a few more resources to assist with your energy efficiency efforts.




Dominion Energy Ohio’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program

Dominion Energy Ohio partners host an ENERGY STAR Home Performance Program to provide customers with opportunities to increase energy efficiency within their homes. Increased efficiency can mean using less gas AND paying less on your monthly utility bills. This program offers a discounted home energy assessment, which is a detailed evaluation of your home’s heating system, insulation levels, water heater, windows, and doors. It will determine where your home is losing energy, and how to correct issues to increase efficiency.  


Following the assessment, you will receive a report with recommended improvements that can help you to save. This report will also include a list of eligible projects and participating contractors that, upon project completion, may qualify you for various rebates. 


Here’s how much you could receive for improvements in a typical single-level, 1,500 sq. ft. home:




Residential customers who are not enrolled with the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) and/or have not received benefits through the Home Energy Assistance Programs (HEAP) are eligible for this program (check out our previous blog post for more information about these income-specific programs).


For more information, visit this link or call 877-287-3416.


Columbia Gas of Ohio

If you are a customer of Columbia Gas, they also offer a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. You can schedule a Home Energy Audit online or over the phone, and will receive an evaluation about the energy efficiency of your home with suggestions for improvement. Upon completion of these improvements, you are eligible for various rebates – and can potentially see ongoing savings through a reduced natural gas bill.


For more information, visit this link or call 877-677-6674.


Columbia Gas also offers rebates on various energy-efficient household products and appliances that are purchased through participating contractors. Visit these links to learn more about their appliance rebates and product rebates.


Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC)

NOPEC is a nonprofit energy supplier that can provide energy cost savings by purchasing electricity and natural gas in bulk – a process referred to as aggregation. Besides negotiating for lower rates for those who have opted in for NOPEC as their supplier, NOPEC has options for including renewable energy credits (RECs) for 100% of your energy use. RECs are tradeable credits that are created when renewable energy is generated and delivered to the electrical grid. They allow for corporations, institutions, and residences to support renewable energy projects and help to offset greenhouse gas emissions.


The City of Cleveland is a member of NOPEC’s electric and natural gas aggregation program, meaning that NOPEC is the default supplier for residents and small businesses in Cleveland. As part of this municipal program, all Cleveland aggregation members receive RECs for 100% of their energy usage as part of the standard program price. Learn more about NOPEC’s aggregation program in the City of Cleveland here.


On their website, NOPEC also provides suggested energy saving tips for your home to help identify ways to conserve energy and money. They offer email reminders for regular maintenance that should be performed on your heating and cooling equipment at home to ensure that they are operating as efficiently as possible.


Home Energy Management

Regardless of who your electric or natural gas utility company is, we encourage you to visit their website and create an account through their online portal. Outside of offering paperless bill payment options, these portals provide tools to analyze energy usage in your home, tips to improve energy efficiency, and suggestions to save on your energy bills. These online portals are offered by CPP, First Energy, Dominion, and Columbia Gas.

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