Skip the Straw

Lake Erie supplies the water we drink. No matter where you live, your life depends on water. Year after year, trash enters our waterways, choking economies, harming wildlife and impacting the health of humans and communities.


Fortunately, this is one environmental issue we can all address. By picking up what’s out there and changing the behaviors that allow trash into the water in the first place, we can support the vision of a trash free Lake. Clean water has so many benefits, from healthy wildlife to strong economies.


The Sustainable Cleveland Plastic Reduction Working Group invites you to join in our Skip the Straw campaign. Through this targeted effort, we hope to prevent millions of plastic straws from entering the Lake. Restaurants, bars and similar establishments can play an important role by reducing the amount of plastic straws that are used by their customers daily. 


Skip the Straw simply requests that restaurants refrain from automatically putting a plastic disposable straw in each beverage, but rather allow customers to request a straw if they so desire. Often, customers are content without a straw.


Customers can do their part by only requesting a straw when absolutely necessary. 


Watch the video that started the Skip the Straw movement worldwide.  


For more information and how to get involved, please contact Cathi Lehn, Sustainable Cleveland Manager at [email protected] . We look forward to partnering with you.


Sustainable Cleveland is Mayor Frank Jackson’s 10-year initiative to build a thriving

Green City on a Blue Lake.


Members of the Plastic Reduction Working Group include:

Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District

Bay Village Green Team

Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Nature Center at Shaker Lakes

Ohio Sea Grant

ODNR Old Woman Creek NERR

Pennsylvania Sea Grant

Share the River

Surfrider Foundation Northern Ohio Chapter

City of Cleveland Water Pollution Control

and several concerned citizens of Northeast Ohio……….



Earth Day Network Toolkits 2018

Don’t Break the Lake

The 5 Gyres Institute

Plastics B.A.N. List 2.0

UN Environment Report: Single Use Plastics: A Roadmap for Sustainability

National Geographic’s Planet or Plastic

Plastic-Free Great Lakes: An Advocacy Toolkit

The Plastics Challenge-White Paper

New Plastics Economy Global Commitment

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