Pollinator Partnership and National Pollinator Week


Established in 1997, the Pollinator Partnership (P2) is the largest 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to the health, protection, and conservation of all pollinating animals. P2’s actions for pollinators include education, conservation, restoration, policy, and research. Financial support for P2 comes through grants, gifts, memberships and donations from any interested party. P2‘s policies are science-based, set by its board of directors, and never influenced by any donor.



Pollinator Partnership is serious about their commitment to pollinators and pollinator issues and has been working to make positive change for 20 years. Pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, birds and other animals bring us one in every three bites of food and protect our environment through their vital ecosystem services and form the underpinnings of a healthy and sustainable future.




One of P2’s signature initiatives is National Pollinator Week (June 19-25, 2017). Since 2007, the third week of June has been proclaimed Pollinator Week on both a national and local scale. Over the years, P2 has had support of not only the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Department of the Interior, but also the Governors of all 50 states and the Territory of Puerto Rico!  Want to show your support and let your governor know that you care about pollinators and would like to see their continued involvement in pollinator week? Check out the P2 website to get contact information as well as a suggested script to help you in your call or letter.


Their webpage is the hub for finding Pollinator Week (June 19-25, 2017) activities near you. If you’d like to find a Pollinator Week event in your state, look through their list of events or if you are hosting an event, please add it to their map!


Want to help pollinators, but unable to attend a pollinator event in June? They’ve got plenty of suggestions for ways you can make a difference in your community; from School Garden Kits and Million Pollinator Garden Challenge to Monarch Wings Across America and Bee Friendly Farming program, there’s something for everyone!


Any size planting can provide much needed habitat and forage, from an apartment balcony or window box planter to a yard full of flowers. Look around your neighborhood and see what your neighbors have planted and use the Ecoregional Guides to help pick out plants they don’t have. Just as you and I need a diverse diet to maintain health and vigor, pollinators too benefit from a diverse diet of pollen and nectar.


“No one made a greater mistake then he who did nothing

because he could only do a little”

Edmund Burk


Together, we can make a difference! Each change you make in your life to become more sustainable and a better steward to our natural resources creates a ripple effect and over time, with enough small (and large) acts, we can change the world!


To make a donation or for information on events during Pollinator Week visit www.pollinator.org




Guest blog by: Amber Barnes, Wildlife Biologist and Program Coordinator, Pollinator Partnership


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