Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District now recruiting Good Neighbor Ambassadors

In 2018, The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District is celebrating the Year of Vital Neighborhoods with Sustainable Cleveland. Vital neighborhoods are the foundation of Cleveland. Through volunteering, education, or simply getting to know your neighbors, all members of a community can come together to create a greater Cleveland.


The Sewer District works to protect our water resources by managing wastewater and stormwater, reducing combined sewer overflows, treating hundreds of millions of gallons of water per day. While the connections the Sewer District makes underground are important, the connections that matter most are made aboveground. The personal connections made in the neighborhoods the Sewer District serves are the most important.


The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District is actively looking for new Good Neighbor Ambassadors for Cohort 5 to represent the Sewer District by acting as a liaison between the Sewer District, various community and business organizations, government officials, and the public.




The GNAs take an active role in the community they either live in or have ties to by performing maintenance and clean up near the Sewer District’s large construction sites. The Ambassadors keep community residents up-to-date on what is happening in their neighborhood. GNAs are given the tools to advance in their careers through various training programs and classes. “What I like most is that I get to see the environment change first hand,” said Good Neighbor Ambassador, Valentino Jordan. “I didn’t know how I was going to succeed in a career, but the District gave me the tools and mentors I needed to open doors.”


Since the start of the Good Neighbor Ambassador Program in 2014, twelve GNAs have obtained jobs at the Sewer District. Some of the jobs include Custodial, Wastewater Plant Operator, and Customer Service Representative. “We want to present the GNAs with career opportunities and not just a job” said GNA Supervisor, Demetrius Tucker. “If a position at the Sewer District isn’t open we give the GNAs an opportunity to enhance their professional network with outside companies.” Twenty-three GNA’s have obtained employment at the Sewer District or outside companies including HH Gregg, Triad Construction, City of Cleveland, and Cleveland Clinic.


Applications are being accepted February 1, 2018—March 1, 2018. To apply please visit

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