Describe what city the conference will take place, and where attendees should stay. If the hotel is offering special room rates to attendees, make sure to let them know.

Getting there

A simple way to describe how to get to the event is to start from the nearest major airport. Describe what shuttles or taxi services are available, and what the route from the airport to the conference is for those renting cars. 

Getting around

If your conference lasts for multiple days, explain the easiest way for people to get around, including public transportation. If your conference is being hosted at more than one event, describe how people will get between locations.

Embedding a Google Map is a great way to communicate the location of the conference. Learn how to embed a Google Map here, and paste the embed code into the template of this page. Access the template by clicking "Edit this page" in the supporter nav on the right, then click Template. 

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