$40 Million Grant for Offshore Wind

On May 27th, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur announced $40 Million in Department of Energy funding for the Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo) to develop Project Icebreaker, the first freshwater wind farm. 




This funding will provide additional momentum to Project Icebreaker, a 20 megawatt offshore wind pilot in LakeErie which will build off of Cleveland’s manufacturing assets in turbine components, provide jobs and position Cleveland’s economy for the future.


It has been a long-term commitment from the City of Cleveland that Cleveland Public Power will purchase 25% of the energy generated from the pilot project.


This major accomplishment will bring federal funds to Cleveland and the lakefront counties of Northeast Ohio. This grant represents the hard work and collaboration of many entities including LEEDCo,  Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, the City of Cleveland, Cleveland Public Power, Cuyahoga County, the LEEDCo board of directors, The Cleveland Foundation, our elected representatives and many more organizations and individuals.

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