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Managed by the City of Cleveland Mayor's Office of Sustainability & Climate Justice, Sustainable Cleveland engages people from all walks of life, working towards designing and developing a thriving green city on a blue lake. The City of Cleveland is committed to advancing climate action and our work centers around the climate goals and progress outlined within the Cleveland Climate Action Plan, our open positions will help us accelerate climate progress within Cleveland and the Northeast region and implement important work by strengthening our economy, cleaning the environment, and improving the health and wellness of our communities and neighborhoods. 





Under administrative direction, is responsible for planning and adminstering a specific project or program for a City department. Serves as the administrative supervisor on projects or programs. Plans, assigns, supervises, and reviews activities of subordinate personnel. Monitors the project or program's operating budget and assists in the annual preparation of same. Designs, implements, and monitors procedures utilized in program evaluation. Develops and secures commitments from other City departments and agencies to provide services to program participants. Provides technical assistance or reviews program policies and procedures. Maintains current information and oversees the preparation of project status reports. Prepares financial and narrative reports and program applications. Communicates project/program status and information to municipal officials and/or public and private entities. May supervise employees assigned to the respective project. Performs other related duties as required.


Minimum Qualifications

A High School Diploma or GED is required. A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited four year college or university in Business or Public Administration, Social Sciences, or closely related field preferred. Two (2) years of full-time, paid, progressively responsible experience in program administration is required. Must be able to lift and carry thirty (30) pounds. A valid State of Ohio Driver's License is required.


Supplemental Information

Climate change is the single greatest challenge humanity has ever faced, threatening water and food security, health, livelihoods, and the safety of billions of people together with drastic negative impact on global ecosystem balance. The City of Cleveland’s Mayor’s Office of Sustainability & Climate Justice seeks to enhance their climate ambitions under the Paris Agreement, with focus on greater emissions reduction and resilience building. The next phases of the City of Cleveland’s Climate Action Plan update will focus on climate advocacy and long-term planning to ensure inclusive climate action at the speed and scale required to keep global temperature below 1.5°C. Achieving the carbon neutrality in the second half of the century by all countries is a crucial requirement set by the Paris Agreement to avoid the irreversible global climate change. Realization of this goal involves work on local, regional, national, and global levels, as well as participation of all relevant stakeholders – governments, business, non-profit organizations, community members. The path to carbon neutrality should be just and leave no one behind, while empowering women, youth, black, indigenous and people of color, and vulnerable groups of population.

The purpose of this position is to provide support, in collaboration with City Departments and external stakeholders, for the design, planning and implementation of citywide strategies and projects related nature-based solutions that advance adaptation and resilience in Greater Cleveland / NE OH to climate change in order to actively contribute to the goals, mission and vision of the City of Cleveland Climate Action plan. The Sustainability Manager for Nature-Based Solutions (SM-NBS) will further work with City Departments in partnership with the Decarbonization Strategist, Sustainability Managers for the Built Enivronment and Circular Economy , as well as other Office of Sustainability staff, to foster a culture at the City of Cleveland that embraces and embeds the principles of decarbonization, carbon sequestration, restorative natural systems with equitable health benefits for community members, green infrastructure investment and other transformational sustainability innovations into the operations, services, and facilities of the city. The SM-NBS will perform research and analysis in order to contribute to city policy, as well as to the conceptual and design phases of City infrastructure projects, including urban forestry, green infrastructure systems for stormwater management, green space and soil restoration, master planning, etc. The design, implementation and evaluation of these initiatives will be achieved through strategic partnerships with City departments as well as across the broader community.





There are no open positions within the office, please check out the green jobs  board for career opportunities with our partners.

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