Energy Efficiency Resources for City of Cleveland Residents

Energy Efficiency is an important resource that’s available for all City of Cleveland residents from various sources and agencies. Energy efficiency and conservation allows homeowners, renters and landlords alike, to save money on their energy bills, be more comfortable inside their homes, as well as extend the life of energy consuming equipment such as furnaces and light bulbs.  It is an especially important savings mechanism for residents whose heating, electricity and other utility bills are high compared to their overall monthly income and other expenditures.



Cleveland Energy$aver Program®






The Cleveland Energy$aver Program is a residential energy efficiency program that’s targeted for residents whose gross annual household income exceeds 200% of the federal poverty income guidelines. The ‘Empower Home Energy Tune-up’ program delivered by Empower G&E (Empower) is designed as a concierge style end-end program that starts with a free 1 hour in-home consultation, or an energy assessment. As a current energy user, Empower has some information already about the home’s energy performance. Call: 1-855-343-7884   (CE$)


During the on-site home visit, Empower’s trained energy coach reviews current conditions of the home such as insulation, air leaks, lighting and applicable thermostats. The coach then provides recommendations for energy improvements along with applicable rebates and financing options such as Empower’s Pay As You Save (‘PAYS’). Installations are then scheduled for customers who choose to move forward with applicable improvements or retrofits, which include attic insulation, air sealing, LED Light bulbs and a smart thermostat.


Typical installations take about a day and costs about $2,500 per home, with estimated energy savings of approximately $200 - $300 per year, mostly on savings with gas.



CHN-Logo_(2).jpgWeatherization Programs (Housewarming and HWAP)




CHN Housing Partners provides home energy and weatherization services for customers whose gross household income does not exceed 200% of current federal poverty guidelines, and meet other application eligibility criteria. These programs are designed to improve the energy efficiency of homes and reduce monthly energy costs for residents. The programs are available to homeowners, renters and landlords. Call: (216) 574-7100  (CHN)


CHN Housing Partners taps into a combination of local and regional utility programs such as the Dominion’s Housewarming Program and the state’s Home Weatherization Assistance (HWAP) program, to provide the best value for eligible customers.


Program features include an in-home energy audit followed up by attic and sidewall insulation, air sealing, furnace, refrigerator and hot water tank replacements, light bulbs, plumbing repair and electrical repair.  The program also offers energy efficiency education and tips to reduce energy bills, as well as a carbon monoxide detector for homes.


spraying_insulation-panorama.jpegCleveland Housing Partners


Applications can be found online or by visiting CHN Housing Partners in person at 2999 Payne Avenue, 2nd floor, Cleveland, OH 44114. To determine eligibility, customers have to fill out the application and submit that with all documents listed in the application, and mail or drop off at the CHN Housing Partners location.


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