Cleveland is Center Stage for Flourishing Business

  With the US government pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord and many nations closing their doors on immigrants, environmental and social challenges are rapidly turning into private sector risks and opportunities. Businesses are being called to take on the additional jobs of solving economic,... Read more

Sustainable Business in Cleveland- Part III: Leading by Example

Back in 2014, Sustainable Cleveland launched the “I am Sustainable, Cleveland” poster campaign to highlight how local businesses and organizations are serving as sustainability leaders. For our third installment in the Sustainable Business in Cleveland series, we revisit some of those leaders and... Read more

2017 Commuter Choice Awards

Does your organization encourage its employees and customers to use alternative transportation modes? If so we want to recognize and celebrate those efforts! Earn bragging rights among your peers for being one of the region’s top organizations for supporting green commuting.  Read more

Gohio Commute

Commuting plays an outsized role in our transportation system. While commutes account for just 19% of total trips, they make nearly 28% of total vehicle miles traveled. The daily commute has literally shaped our transportation system, as roads are built to accommodate congestion during rush hour. Read more

Sustainable Business in Cleveland Part II: Doing Well by Doing Good

9 Ways Cleveland-based organizations are making it easier for citizens and businesses to become sustainable   Read more

Guest Blog: Spring Ephemerals

  As the days get longer and the ground and air warm up, our native plants begin to unfold. These first woodland flowers of spring are called “spring ephemerals,” and the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes is awash in them. In the early spring, our native trees have not leafed out, so ample sunlight r... Read more

Guest Blog: Celebrating 100 Years

As I began my journey with Cleveland Metroparks on April 2, 1983, I was definitely not looking 34 years into the future. Unlike William A. Stinchcomb, the 27 year old, City of Cleveland Chief Engineer of Parks, who in 1905 had the vision to create what would eventually become the Cleveland Metrop... Read more

Guest Blog: What Can Students do About Air Pollution?

Do you want to help reduce air pollution in Northeast Ohio? Air quality has improved substantially in the last few decades, but there are still improvements that can be made. It is up to every citizen to be informed and aware of air pollution, and for them to be diligent in taking steps to reduce... Read more

Sustainable Business in Cleveland

Part I: Product Innovators   Between our winning sports teams, revitalizing neighborhoods, and thriving food and arts communities, Cleveland is clearly on an upswing. Another key to this revitalization is creating a sustainable economy that benefits all. A growing number of Cleveland businesses a... Read more

New Year's Resolution: Follow a Climate-Friendly Diet

Have you successfully made it through the first month of your New Year’s resolution? By the second week of February, nearly 80 percent of resoluntioners that vow to “Eat Healthier and Diet” and “Lose Weight and Get Fit”, have given up. So why can’t people keep their New Year’s Resolutions? We don... Read more

LEAP Into the Garden with Native Plants

    Using native plants in public and private landscapes and gardens can help reduce the threat of invasive non-native species to the region’s biodiversity.  The Lake Erie Allegheny Partnership's Native Plants of the Year campaign of the highlights native species that can make exceptional additi... Read more

Youth Sustainability Leaders Host Student Environmental Conference for Peers

On Wednesday, January 18th, 2017, students participating in the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability’s Youth Sustainability Leadership Program (YSLP), along with other Greater Cleveland high school students, led Earth Day Coalition’s annual Student Environmental Leadership Conference for their peers... Read more