Scrap the Idea of Putting Things in the Landfill!

Did you know you can take metal items to local area scrap yards? Check out this list of local resources. Read more

Waste Reduction & Composting: July 2020 Virtual Meeting Recap

Read more

Cleveland Spaces Vital Places

A program hosted and organized by the Sustainable Cleveland Vital Neighborhoods Working Group   Cleveland Spaces Vital Places is a series of seven (7) workshops designed to inform residents about resources and practices needed to revitalize vacant lots in their community.   Read more

Natural Cleaning (Part 3): Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing/Isopropyl alcohol is the perfect disinfectant to use in nearly every room of your home! And because it evaporates quickly, there is little concern for water damage, especially to sensitive electronics like keyboards. Read more

Virtual Quarterly Meeting Resources & Video

We were excited to see so many of you join us for our first virtual Quarterly Meeting of 2020. Our Chief of Sustainability, Jason Wood, started us off with an overview of where Sustainable Cleveland is heading beyond 2019 to build off the momentum generated in the first 10 years of the initiative... Read more

Pollinator Week 2020

National Pollinator Week is a time to celebrate pollinators and spread the word about what you can do to protect them. It is celebrated on June 22-28, 2020.   Read more

Part 2: Natural Cleaning: Ridding Your Home of Unnecessary (and Dangerous) Toxins

Most of us have peroxide in our homes, right? We typically reach for it when we get cuts or scrapes, but did you know it does so much more? Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is an excellent disinfectant, often used in hospital settings to sanitize surfaces and bedding. It can be used all around your home ... Read more

Natural Cleaning: Ridding Your Home of Unnecessary (and Dangerous) Toxins

This blog will help guide you in making homemade, all-natural house cleaning products that will provide a safer environment for you and your families. Read more

What has Sustainable Cleveland been up to in 2020?!

A LOT has happened since we met last fall to celebrate 10 years of sustainability progress. Over the last few months we’ve been hard at work supporting sustainability and climate action in Cleveland. Here are some of the highlights:   Read more

Sustainable Cleveland’s Commitment to Waste Reduction & Recycling

  We know many of you are concerned about recycling in Cleveland, so we want to take a minute to share how we got where we are, and where we are going next. Read more

April 2020 Celebrations

This April 2020 we are celebrating Ohio Native Plant Month, Earth Day’s 50 anniversary (April 22nd), and Arbor Day (last Friday in April, April 24th).    Read more

Tips to Help Reduce Waste During COVID-19

Special Edition.   Tips to Help Reduce Waste During COVID-19 is the final topic for the Environment: It is easy being green blog series. As a person regularly working in the community, I always make sure to have a few easy topics to cover. Let’s face it, sustainability as a term is defined so man... Read more