Cleveland is among 160+ US cities committed to 100% Clean and Renewable Energy

  Across the globe, cities have been pushing for commitment and action towards climate change for decades. In recent years, many mayors across the United States have committed to transitioning to 100% Clean and Renewable Energy (100RE) by their respective target year. A commitment of this nature ... Read more

Energy Efficiency Tips

Today is Energy Efficiency Day, and we wanted to share some basic tips to help you save energy and money, and improve the comfort of your residence. By finding ways to use less energy, through both conservation and efficiency measures, you can reduce your individual carbon footprint and lower you... Read more

Energy Awareness: September 2020 Monthly Meeting Recap

In September, we focused on Energy Awareness as a build up to October's energy awareness month. We started off the month by educating our followers on basic energy concepts, and continued to share resources to save on utility costs and improve energy efficiency. Our energy management team Anand N... Read more

Bike There Day

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Energy and Utility Assistance Programs

Whether it’s through heating in the winter, cooling in the summer, using appliances, medical equipment, and more - energy plays a crucial role in ensuring that our homes are safe and comfortable. This energy also comes at a cost through our monthly utility bills. For many, these bills can present... Read more

Spread the Word: Sustainable Cleveland 2021 Virtual Summit

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Energy 101

  Sustainable Cleveland will be focusing our outreach efforts in the month of September on energy, including information about what the City is doing to achieve ambitious renewable energy goals, community resources that are available to help lessen your energy burden, and ways that you can live a... Read more

Health through Sustainability: August 2020 Virtual Meeting Recap

The August monthly series topic focused on the many layers of health through the lens of sustainability. Our Outreach and Education Liaison Philena Seldon led the discussion with an inter-generational panel focusing on a multilayered perspective on what health and sustainability mean in the prese... Read more

How Pollution from Energy Generation Can Affect Our Health

Pollutants released by burning fossil fuels can have a harmful impact on human health by contributing to the four leading causes of death in the United States (cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, heart disease, and stroke) and damaging the major organ systems of the body:   Respiratory... Read more

Future of Sustainability Lies with Our Youth

Today we celebrate International Youth Day! Across the world, countless young people are taking action in their communities to create a more sustainable future. We wanted to highlight one of those youth - our Youth Sustainability Leadership Program (YSLP) participant Kynnedy Simone Smith. She bec... Read more

Happy Book Lovers Day!

In honor of National Book Lovers Day on August 9th, we wanted to share a list of environmental books recommended by our Sustainable Cleveland staff members. If you’re looking for your next green read, take your pick! Read more

Story of Plastic Film

Thank you for your interest in the topic of plastic and plastic pollution.   In this blog you will find comments/reviews about the Story of Plastic film from local experts and members of the Plastic Reduction Working Group, as well as resources related to the topic.   Read more