CSA Programs in Cleveland

The past year has been – to say the least – interesting. We’ve all navigated real life changes. Spending time cooped up in the house, encouraged to social distance instead of participate in group activities like grocery shopping, dining out and even gardening. We are now searching to find a new w... Read more

Black History Month: Highlighting Black Sustainability Leaders

  Throughout the month of February, we've celebrated Black History Month by highlighting Black Sustainability Leaders who have worked to create a greener future for our planet and our local communities. With a wide range of sustainable careers, backgrounds, and expertise including youth employme... Read more

Sustainable Cleveland Presents: Circular Economy in Cleveland

    Late last year, the City of Cleveland and Cleveland Neighborhood Progress announced the launch of Circular Cleveland, a two-year initiative to develop and implement circular economy strategies and programs in Cleveland. The Circular Cleveland initiative is being funded by a $476,000 grant fr... Read more

Building a Circular Cleveland

Our current economy is based on a take-make-waste model. In this linear model, raw materials are collected, transformed into products and ultimately discarded as waste, mainly ending up in a landfill once they have been used by the consumer.    According to the EPA, in 2018, about 146.2 million t... Read more

Waste Awareness During the Holidays

  During the holiday season, food and gifts contribute to a high increase in household waste. According to the Ohio EPA, Americans throw out 25% more trash and 33% more food than any other time of the year. That amounts to 25 million extra tons of garbage that goes into landfills, creating more g... Read more

Thanks & Giving - Food Resources: November 2020 Monthly Meeting Recap

  Traditionally, November is the month that we give thanks. But this year, Thanksgiving will not be very traditional. This year we have all faced some difficult challenges. Some related to our homes, work, schools, and some challenges related to our physical and mental health.    Some of us and s... Read more

Food Waste and the Holiday Season: Potato Edition

As we enter the holiday season, I am reminded that this year might be different than years past. It’s not likely that family gatherings will be as grand as they were, with extended family and friends all coming together to celebrate. It got me thinking about how to adapt one of my favorite holida... Read more

Cleveland is among 160+ US cities committed to 100% Clean and Renewable Energy

  Across the globe, cities have been pushing for commitment and action towards climate change for decades. In recent years, many mayors across the United States have committed to transitioning to 100% Clean and Renewable Energy (100RE) by their respective target year. A commitment of this nature ... Read more

Energy Efficiency Tips

Today is Energy Efficiency Day, and we wanted to share some basic tips to help you save energy and money, and improve the comfort of your residence. By finding ways to use less energy, through both conservation and efficiency measures, you can reduce your individual carbon footprint and lower you... Read more

Energy Awareness: September 2020 Monthly Meeting Recap

In September, we focused on Energy Awareness as a build up to October's energy awareness month. We started off the month by educating our followers on basic energy concepts, and continued to share resources to save on utility costs and improve energy efficiency. Our energy management team Anand N... Read more

Energy Efficiency through Our Utility Companies

As Energy Efficiency Day approaches next month, we wanted to continue the conversation about energy efficiency in our homes. In our previous blog post, we shared several energy and utility assistance programs available to residents, namely, electric, natural gas, water and sewer assistance progra... Read more

Bike There Day

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