Green Building Coalition


The Green Building Coalition is working to bring affordable, accessible energy efficiency retrofits to all.

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The Coalition is a network of over 60+ organizations and individuals that includes interested citizens and community leaders.


As a result of the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit in early October 2013, the Green Building Coalition is focused on creating a residential energy efficiency retrofit program that would be affordable for middle class homeowners in the City of Cleveland and allow them to pay for retrofits on a utility bill. Significant strides have been made in the commercial and MUSH (Municipal, University, School, and Health-Care) sectors which are described below.

Our goal over the next year is to support energy efficiency policy, financing, and implementation success in Cleveland – channeling the positive steps already taken and the leadership already shown into a comprehensive on-bill residential program. A successful residential energy efficiency program, coupled with commercial and municipal programs will make Cleveland a national energy efficiency leader.

Energy efficiency is important for many reasons – it helps reduce air and water pollution from power sources, decreases dangerous greenhouse gases, improves the comfort of buildings, creates business for local energy auditors and building contractors, increases employment, and saves money for building occupants and owners. Savings of 10-40% are not unreasonable in many buildings, and these savings can pay for the cost of efficiency measures over a relatively short period of time.

Cleveland has an opportunity to couple multiple long-term sustainability goals with economic development and cost savings objectives, through aggressive implementation of new energy efficiency financing and project development mechanisms.

The city of Cleveland has shown serious commitment and leadership on energy efficiency development and policy. The work done by the City to benchmark its buildings, and to pilot the Energy $aver program, is particularly notable, as is the work of Green Building Coalition members the Council of Small Enterprises (COSE) with small business, Emerald Cities in the MUSH sector (Municipal, University, School, and Health-Care).

We recognize the goals and objectives that local stakeholders have already set. We also want to provide workable, pragmatic solutions based on our experiences and the experiences of many other communities across the nation, allowing us to build an energy efficiency program infrastructure that saves customers money, improves buildings, puts local people to work, and supports environmental sustainability.


While there are many different ways to approach energy efficiency, we believe that adhering to the following principles in program design will help realize the most benefit for the largest number of people, while remaining cost-effective. Click here to learn more.


We acknowledge and celebrate the existing commitment to energy efficiency in the Cleveland community, and the many partners, and member organizations of the Green Building Coalition who are working in the different sectors to achieve affordable accessible energy efficiency retrofits for all.

We are committed to working in partnership to create and/or grow energy efficiency programs in Cleveland that reflect our key principles. We bring to the table our knowledge of energy efficiency program design; national connections in the field, including access to the best programs, practices and practitioners; a commitment to equity and local job creation; and a willingness to do the policy and finance leg work necessary to move these programs from ideation to implementation.

We look forward to working together, to meeting the challenges inherent in energy efficiency program design, and to creating programs that work for Cleveland.


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