Complete and Green Streets

The City of Cleveland passed a Complete and Green Streets ordinance in September 2011. In effect as of January 2012, the ordinance requires implementation of sustainable policies and guidelines in all construction projects within the public right of way. This ordinance will create a walking, biking and public transportation-friendly city while reducing environmental impact by incorporating green infrastructure.

Some characteristics of Complete and Green Streets include enhanced transit waiting environments, bicycle lanes and signs, pedestrian refuges, public art, waste containers, crosswalk enhancements, ADA accessibility, way-finding signage, permeable pavement, green space or trees and multi-use paths.

The Complete and Green Streets Typology was created by an inter-organizational task force to assist in implementing the Complete and Green Streets Ordinance. The typology classifies streets into 14 different types, each with its own priorities for pedestrians, vehicles, transit, cyclists and green infrastructure.

Thank you to YMCA for supporting the Complete & Green Streets Typology.